The Next Bleached Fest Is Not To Be Missed

This past weekend was the first ever (but hopefully not last) Bleached Fest. With scenic Waterfront Park as the backdrop, San Diego was blessed with two beautiful sunny days with glowing sunsets, and back-to-back nights of warm August magic. 

ListenSD attended both days, so enjoy our exclusive coverage, photos, and our interview with Dayglow, which will be live on the blog this week! Check out even more on our Instagram page.



The Vibe 

The organization and layout of the festival was somewhat similar to CRSSD, although much smaller. This was no surprise as Bleached was put on by FNGRS CRSSD, along with new indie-pop production curators, Tight Knit, set out to host genre-bending live music in sun-soaked San Diego. 

The lineup included: 

  • Joji
  • Leon Bridges
  • Omar Apollo
  • Lizzy McAlpine
  • Stephen Sanchez
  • Channel Tres
  • Surf Curse
  • Dayglow
  • Inner Wave
  • Lovejoy
  • Aluna
  • Maude Latour
  • Cat Burns
  • The Jungle Giants
  • Jeremy Zucker
  • Riovaz
  • Blondshell
  • Binki
  • bülow
  • Baird
  • Hether
  • Rainsford
  • Sam Austins

Similarly to Re:Set, which took place earlier this summer at Snapdragon Stadium, the crowd and size of the festival itself was laid back and not at all overwhelming. In addition to the two main stages, there were plenty of grassy areas for picnics in-between sets. Whether you like enjoying music up close or from further back, there was plenty of space to move about. The food and drink vendor list was extensive and expertly curated, which all makes for a better festival experience! From watermelon mojitos to craft beers, and even mocktails, there was an option for everyone!


The Music 

This lineup was unbelievably stacked for a first-time festival. Here were our favorites: Dayglow 

We swear we aren’t just biased because of our interview–Dayglow was truly a treat. Their setlist was a very pleasant surprise with two iconic covers including “Funkytown” by Lipps, Inc. and Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. Both of these covers suited Dayglow’s nostalgic and youthful sound. Most of the songs they performed were from their 2018 album, Fuzzybrain, which fans have described as, “Main character music in its purest form”. Dayglow’s stage presence was energetic, engaging, and full of danceable anthems, giving us hope for the bright future ahead for this group. 

Remi Wolf 

The energy across the festival was equally alive at Remi Wolf’s Friday night set. Remi Wolf’s set was not only made magical by her catchy musicshe made everyone in the crowd feel like her best friend, hyping people up in between songs, telling fans in the crowd how special they are. Remi Wolf is doing a lot right, fusing funky beats with vibrant pop hooks, and soulful charisma. This 27-year old singer crafts sonic adventures that tickle your senses and invite you to enjoy her irresistible sound, you have no choice but to have a good time.



Channel Tres 

This closing Friday night set was perhaps the highlight of the whole weekend. Channel Tres and his dancers put on an absolutely transcending musical experience. His velvety voice rides atop infectious basslines, creating a head-nodding fusion of dancefloor energy and introspective storytelling. It’s dance music that makes you think… Channel Tres is doing something different with his music, which has been dubbed as “Compton House”. A blend of sounds and cultures that we aren’t conventionally used to seeing fused together. 

“Put on your sunglasses, we’re doing cool people sh*t” Tres hums, followed by his well-known track “Topdown”. He proceeds to coach the audience, inviting you to move your body and ponder your soul simultaneously.


Lizzie McAlpine 

Going into Lizzie McAlpine’s set you can expect to be comforted by her music, with intimate lyrics intertwined with ethereal melodies. What I wasn’t expecting was her to be rocking so hard! Early on in the set, McAlpine and her band exuded a rock and roll vibe that has come a long way from her bedroom pop acoustic sound. Still, she had plenty of softer moments with songs like “all my ghosts” and “Over-the-Ocean Call”. 


Omar Apollo 

Later on, an equally talented 26-year old took the stage and entranced the crowd. Hailing from Indiana, his journey from self-taught guitarist to breakout star adds a touch of DIY authenticity to his artistry. His soft vocals ride waves of intricate guitar riffs, and funky beats. With introspective storytelling that bares his Mexican-American heritage, Omar’s songs become a vibrant tapestry of self-discovery and raw emotion, setting him apart as a modern-day trailblazer in the pop music landscape. Towards the end of a very satisfying show, Apollo proudly announced that he will be releasing new music this month! 


By: Zena Marpet

Photos by: Allyson Ta