Omar Apollo and Ambar Lucid gather us at church on a Thursday.

Outside the Irenic on a Thursday night, the street was lined with fans ready to hear their favorite songs. Opening act Ambar Lucid’s vocals filled the church as her band kept on pace with her soulful, moody lyrics. She ended her set with a passionate song with deep feels and powerful moods. 

Omar Apollo, currently on The Voyager Tour, received a roar from the crowd as they picked up there instruments and got right to playing. The crowd sang along ecstatically with every song he played. His punchy dance moves and funky upbeat tracks paired perfectly with the slower love songs you could sway away with.

Just after half way through the show he asked for the lights to be shut down, the band stepped off the stage and cellphone flashlights filled Omar with a very picturesque moment. When the band returned, they finished off the night with a some more intoxicating music. With all the heat in the room from the dance party that took place the audience stood by chanting for an encore, which Omar provided, wrapping up with “Hijo De Su Madre”.

Review and Images by: Collin Worrel