If you’re looking for a performance that has it all – intensity, heart, soul, and undeniable talent – Bishop Briggs is your ticket.

Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs

The sold-out Cinco de Mayo crowd at The Observatory was filled with all ages, indicative of the versatile nature of Bishop Briggs’ music. Scattered throughout the audience were girls sporting tightly wound pigtail buns, a tribute to the artist’s signature style.

With the energy of a toddler and the voice of a seasoned powerhouse, Bishop Briggs fired out of the gates like she was ready to lead off a sprint. Instead, she took the audience on a 14-song marathon, never once letting off the gas. Kicking the night off with “White Flag“, Briggs performed every song off of her recently released debut album, Church of Scars. Highlights included “Wild Horses” and “Hi-Lo,” flaunting her unique vocal melodic trap influenced style with glitch hop feel and elements of future bass.

Part soul, part gospel, part hip-hop, part alt-rock, but wholly something all her own, Briggs sprinkled in other popular titles throughout the set, showcasing the band’s full range of abilities. The moody and synth-heavy “Be Your Love” showed off a softer pop side, while the dark and creepy cover of INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart” proved worthy of earning its spot on the 50 Shades Freed trailer.

As if her powerful vocal workout wasn’t enough, she added in her own extra workout by sprinting in place and running figure 8s onstage. Between songs, things got personal as she shared her passion for music, her new album, and equal rights for all. She even brought her sister out onstage to share a special moment as the entire crowd sang, “Happy Birthday” to her.

With her surreal talent, cool kid style, and growing notoriety, one might be surprised as to how humble Bishop Briggs remains. As she emerged back onstage she admitted that she’s always afraid to do encores because she’s scared no one’s going to cheer. Of course, this wasn’t the case, and San Diego went wild for her performance of unreleased demo, “Baby” and hard-hitting top single, “River”.

Witnessing a live Bishop Briggs performance leaves the concert goer with a feeling of personal connection. Vulnerable and genuine, she reads her autobiography onstage through both songs and banter. If you’re one who has been able to experience her at these intimate performances, count yourself lucky. We have a feeling she will be selling out major venues in the near future.

Photos By: Garrett Seaman
Review By: Lauren Pettigrew