The masters of melancholy, Beach House, graced the Observatory North Park for a sold out show filled with dream pop that was all at once mesmorizing, haunting, and full of love.

Beach House finished a thoroughly sold out run of shows in Southern California (people were still searching for tickets at the door, even though the show sold out within minutes), and now it was San Diego’s turn on Sunday, August 5th, 2018. Filled with fan favorites and cuts off their new album, 7, the band treated the historic North Park venue to another legendary show.

An irate gentlemen’s quibbles with another taller concertgoer about sightlines all were silenced with the arpeggiated synth flourishes of Black Car, the first song of an eighteen track setlist. Although normally referred to as a dream pop duo, 7 positions Beach House as a trio delving into the worlds of shoegaze.

Beach House

Hits like Lazuli reached out and enveloped the audience. Alex Scally’s (lead guitarist) serene guitar chords fluttered around Victoria Legrand’s achingly beautiful voice throughout the night, especially for Space Song. The two, who are at the core of this band, have a special ability and bond to craft songs that have touched fans for over a decade.

Their unique placement on stage gave the band members equal importance. Lined up side by side towards the front, the band allowed a sea of fog to engulf the background. This interplayed with the lighting and for songs like Dark Spring which had dazzling stars in the background.

Legrand’s crowd interaction was charming. Complimenting interpretive dance moves and encouraging the people in the back to enter the darkness of the floor, it was clear that Beach House felt right at home in our very own beach town. By the end of the set, she took time speak to the crowd about loving each other and oneself, and how very simple it is to do so as a human. A message simple, yet profound.


Photos by: Rachel Frank
Review by: Max Sanchez