The Gloomies new single, Space, was released on October 17, 2017. Andy Craig, the lead singer of The Gloomies, starts off this track with wavy synths that settle a gloomy mood. Then, with a deep thump of the bass, the drums follow on the beat, and with Hip-Hop aesthetics, the song steers into a melancholic head-bobber – one that doesn’t shy away from being introspectively moody as early as the introduction.

In the midst of this chill wave, Madeline Follin of the Cults (who is featured on the track) gently brings about a soothing melody of dreaminess that completes the intro and prepares the lead singer’s spotlight. Craig delivers a sensitive tone accompanied by sensitive lyrics. He expresses that, “[He] keeps running from everyone,” which captures the title of the song neatly since space is what is literally created when one runs away from others. While some of the lyrics are indiscernible, this adds to the emotional canvas the song is painted on, adding the effect of making the listener wonder what the song is truly about, and illustrating Craig’s depressed condition.

After the first verse comes to an end, the drums are suspended, Follin’s voice emerges, the bass drops, and the laid-back chorus is in full effect. The musical cycle continues as Follin picks up on the second verse, her soft and reverberated vocals carrying the listener through. She touches on the last chorus and performs a beautiful duet with Craig. In the last seconds of the song, a lonely crash symbol is struck sparsely as we experience the space in-between each hit. “Space” will satisfy all those who appreciate moody music with introspective vibes.

Check out the track below.