The Drums

The Drums

Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Pierce  of The Drums, immediately drew us in…and enveloped us in his world.   We were captivated during their set, the encores, and well beyond!

His shout-outs and interactions with the audience were genuine, engaging, and real.   And his appreciation of his fans was expressed.

Abysmal Thoughts, the title of The Drums’ latest album, was cleverly emblazoned on both the back of Jonny’s jumpsuit; and the Band’s Drum Kit.

Jonny’s showmanship was on point. His movements and swagger transported us from a dream pop set into an almost ‘new romantics’ vibe.  Evidenced, for example, by his occasional ‘slo-mo’ in a windstorm dance moves.   His flirtatious presence had us engaged, and entranced.  The audience, both men and women…were swooning.

Mid-set, Jonny delivered a most poignant, and personal message to his fans.

Encouraging us to feel comfortable being ourselves.  Not living a life to conform with, or please the demands and standards of others.  By expunging  those unhealthy people from our lives – who don’t accept us for who we are – it will then allow the right kind of people to be drawn into our lives.

The Drums

The Drums

The end of the show, gave us a most unusual and unexpected surprise.  After the band’s encores…the house lights came on.  Predictably the audience headed out…largely clearing the theater.  It was THEN….that The Drums came BACK on stage and played more!  This was weird, atypical , and WONDERFUL!  Then, what happened next?  Yes, they did it again – the entire scenario replayed!  Once they finished these post encore sets, fans were awestruck, as the band exited the stage, with the house lights still up.

Afterwards, as Jonny had put out on social media (e.g. Twitter), he came through with a post-show meet and greet.  A long line quickly assembled at the back of the theater.

At this size of a venue, a free meet and greet, open to all fans, by the Headliner almost never happens!  This gesture, and his willingness to personally connect with his fans, was significant.


Drums’ fans left the show in rapture, and a bastion of new fans were made.


Photos By: Jason Augustine
Review By: Jackie Ferguson