Photos By: Francesca Tirpak

Celebrating the release of their sophomore album, San Diego local band The Frights put on the You Are Going to Hate This Fest, named after said album. Featuring a slew of bands, both from in town and out, the fest attracted both new and old fans with the genre of music not deviating far from the classic surf punk one would expect of the town favorites.

The Frights’ first headlining mainstage show was all it was cracked up to be, opening up on a dark scene to a calming ballad reminiscent of an eighties-era prom slow dance with matching lights strung across the stage. Anyone who had ever seen them play live knew how far they’d come. Sounding much the same live where their album had picked up a certain amount of studio professionalism, however, The Frights put on a traditionally entertaining show, with plenty of classic doo-wops and dance moves.