Photos By: Rachel Frank

By: Amanda Martinek

I can’t say for certain, but I’m 99% sure that watching Wild Cub and Hands play The Loft last Thursday was 100% better than whatever you were doing if you were not there. The Loft, a hip and trendy venue on UCSD’s campus, provides a close yet comfortable setting for checking out up-and-coming acts. Plus the crowd seemed rather shy so getting to the front was not a problem, making the performance evern more up-close and personal.

Hands, a four piece band hailing from the City of Angeles, opened up with high-energy packed dance grooves that got the crowd warmed up. Their fun and funky beats kicked off a night destined to be awesome.

We didn’t have to wait long for Wild Cub to take the stage. This five piece band from Nashville has been blowing up in the past few months, and even recently played on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And it’s easy to see why. Their energy was infectious, playing dancey beats and guitar riffs that pulsated through the crowd’s veins and got everyone moving. It also helps that they are adorable, humble, and really have their act together. If you don’t check them out the next time they are in town, you are blowing it.