Vundabar embarked on a huge fall tour with Illuminati Hotties this past week. With the third stop at House of Blues Voodoo Room, these bands were hyped and ready to rock everyone’s faces off.



It didn’t seem like too long ago when Vundabar were playing San Diego at Soda Bar, when they straight up destroyed that set. This time around, they were booked at an all-ages venue, House of Blues’ Voodoo Room, which was exciting because kids these days love to lose their shit.

First up on the bill was OG locals Los Shadows! Immediately taking command of the stage, these guys played like no one was watching, and had fun while doing it. It sounded like some Lowrider oldie classics mixed with surf punk — very enjoyable to the ears.

Next, we had the pleasure of seeing Illuminati Hotties, the brainchild of lead vocalist/guitarist Sarah Tudzin. Playing with such a sweet sound but also a punk mentality, they made you want to scream and start a mosh pit, while forgetting about those past heartbreaks or any lame thing we could’ve been going through. It felt like a very personal show, and I’m sure it touched a lot of hearts in that room.

Last but not least was Vundabar. Once these fellas took the stage, it seemed as if the crowd doubled in size. Frontman Brandon Hagen always looks as if he’s unphased by the spotlight, and approaches it with such a cool attitude while still sending the crowd into frenzy. Drummer Drew McDonald never had a straight look on his face. You could see the passion shining out of him as he played like a madman. Bassist Grayson Kirtland kept the whole heart of the band pumping, and the kids were loving every minute of it. Also, shout-out to all the parents that were outside for their sweaty kids, and letting them go to a rock show on a school night.

Catch Vundabar on that fall tour — you won’t regret it.

Photos and review by: Nicholas Regalado