TV Girl at Soda Bar

TV Girl is an LA based band (originally formed in San Diego) that brought a wave of relaxing and vintage inspired dance tunes to the Soda Bar last Friday.

The group consists of 4 members with singer Brad Petering taking lead. The beat-based band mixes samples with the perfection of The Avalanches with the lyrical sting of an early Rivers Cuomo type character with brutal love struck/broken heart honesty. Relatable topics including one-night stands, the girl you can’t get over but also can’t even talk to, and the timeless pain of lost love.

A key element to their sound is their utilization of their backing singers including the energetic Molly Raney, who not only provided great dance moves but delivered beautiful harmonies reminiscent of Rachel Haden of The Rentals. She provided key ohhs and ahhs along with parallel call and response parts that fleshed out the minimalistic beat driven group. The show started early on with crowd and critic favorite, “Birds Don’t Sing”, displaying the vocal teamwork between the group. Staying oddly calm and relaxed, TV Girl put on a show that was not only dance inspiring and entertaining but very tranquil. They ended with an unforeseen doo-wop style song leaving the crowd with an upbeat mood to end the night.

Photos By: Lilay Cai and Billy Coughlin