Prayers SD Killwave is taking over San Diego one show at a time. We chatted with Dave & Rafa and found out what they are listening to. Check it out for our Top 5 Tuesday!

Dave Parley’s Top 5

1. Pet Shop Boys – Heart

This song is how I feel when I love.

2. Minor Threat – I Don’t Wanna Hear It

This song is how I feel when people try telling me what to do.

3. New Order – Blue Monday

I love everything about this song, the vox and the soundscape.

4. Limp Wrist – I Love Hardcore Boys

I love this song because it breaks the stereotype of what hard core is …

5. Depeche Mode – Strangelove

Because it came out the year I was born and because love is a strange thing .

Rafa’s Top 5

1. Old English – R.O.T.T.T.E.N

It’s in my opinion one of the hardest rap tracks, that’s out right now and they are from San Diego to top it all off !

2. Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

It reminds me of why my girlfriend of five years broke up with me.

3. PJ Harvey – We Float

This song reminds me of my little sister who like me is a troubled soul.

4. Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

I feel so fuckin cool and sexy whenever I hear this song and I love feeling sexy and cool!

5. Austra – Beat and Pulse

When I need My spirit and body aligned I listen to this song.