We chatted with Steven of Buddy Banter and found out what he’s currently listening to! Check it out and don’t miss out on seeing these guys play a show!






  1. Vic Chestnut – Flirted With You All My Life

Vic Chestnut is a huge influence on me.. This song is beautiful and confusing at the same time. At first I thought this song was about love and thats why we were so drawn to it… but really its about a darker reality. 

  1. Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser – All the Flowers in Time

Jeff Buckley is one of my heros. His voice intertwined with the Elizabeth Fraser’s is just immaculate.

  1. Slowdive – Alison

Dreamy shoegaze goodness. Slowdive’s “Alison” is the first track off there legendary album Souvlaki. It just hits me in the right spot every time i listen to it.

  1. Deerhunter – Agoraphobia

This song just feels like a warm hug from and old friend 🙂

  1. Mac DeMarco – Chamber of Reflection

This song is the jam.. Mac DeMarco is just a hilarious and talented human being. If I could pick one artist that i can tour with for extended amount of time. Mac would be my number 1.

AUG 10th SODA BAR – SAN DIEGO, CA w/ Diarrhea Planet & Those Darlins
AUG 12th LOS GLOBOS – LOS ANGELES, CA w/ Barbarian & Rudy De Anda
AUG 13th 4TH STREET VINE – LONG BEACH, CA w/ Forest of Tongue
AUG 14th HONEY HIVE – SAN FRANCISCO, CA w/ The Sweethearts & Monster Treasure
AUG 15th SPACE 110 (DIY) – STOCKTON, CA w/ Satan Wriders, Big Black Cloud, The Blues, & Monster Treasure
AUG 16th CREPE PLACE – SANTA CRUZ, CA w/ Hawk Jones, Monster Treasure, & Callie Ryan (DARLING)
AUG 18th VALENTINES – PORTLAND, OR w/ The Vandies and TBA
AUG 19th HIGHLINE – SEATTLE, WA w/ Vapor Trails and TBA
AUG 21st NORTHERN (DIY) OLYMPIA, WA w/ Hot Rush, Lures, and Soccer Babes
AUG 24th SLIDEBAR – FULLERTON, CA w/ Wild Pack of Canaries
AUG 29th BAR PINK – SAN DIEGO, CA w/ Barbarian