Envision Festival

Envision Festival

Yoga, Surf, Music, and Costa Rica and just a few of the reasons why we think YOU should check out Envision Festival 2018!


Set on the beautiful beaches of Uvita, Costa Rica, could there be a better spot for a musical, art, yoga, surf, meditation gathering of the mindful and free? I think not. Where the shoreline and jungle meet is majestic enough, but to encapsulate a spiritual, yogic and musical center of expression is otherworldly.

Photo by: Andrew Jorgensen


In today’s day and age, the world can feel very divided politically and culturally, so it’s more important than ever to feel connected to a sense of community. Envision provides a space where you can be seen and affirmed for the beauty of who you are with no judgement or fear, in a beautiful jungle where anything is possible. Through the acts of dance, yoga, and music, we as humans are able to process our emotions, inhibitions, and release expectations to find our true light within our community.

Photo via: Jack Pasco Photography

Photo via: Jack Pasco Photography


This festival is the creme de la creme for yogis. With Rocket yoga happy hour, twist and flow workshops, acroyoga 101, ecstatic dance, and so much more, there’s something for everyone. The selection of music, workshops, and location make for a yogi’s dream festival. Breathe in that Costa Rican ocean air while you open your heart in anuvittasana, ground down your feet in that soft sand and exhale a new perspective brought to you by Envision Festival.

Photo by: Eric Allen

Photo by: Eric Allen


As a resident of sunny San Diego, surfing is a way of life for many. Feeling the waves ride beneath your board as you coast through the water, you are complete in that very moment and nothing else matters. The beaches of Costa Rica offer some of the most beautiful sands the world has to offer with plenty of swells, breaks, & places to surf. For any surfer looking to fuel their fire while experiencing a once in a lifetime experience with yoga, mindfulness, music and SURF, this is the festival for you.

Photo via: Ali Kaukas


Envision is a place for you to open your heart up and explore a deeper understanding of yourself in nature and around other beautiful open hearts. Surrounding yourself in nature around other conscious individuals finding peace within and exploring our own bodies & emotions through movement, dance, and yoga. Enhancing your eardrums with mystical beats that ooze with the vibrations of love, how could you not feel enlightenment at this one of a kind festival? We hope to see you on the other side.

Photo by: Eric Allen


Here at ListenSD, we love and support MUSIC! After seeing Bob Moses at Music Box last year, we were thrilled to hear that the Canadian electronic duo comprised of Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie are headlining this year’s Envision festival. While best known for their Grammy award winning song “Tearing Me Up,” “Hands to Hold” can be heard streaming through yoga studios during the flow, world-wide. Combining heavy brooding beats, tantalizing guitar licks, and lyrical depth like

We are all wanting of the eyes that would show us
We are all wasted on the words that console us
We are all waiting for the hands that will hold us

have earned these gents a top billing in the festival scene. From Coachella to Glastonbury, Lightening in a Bottle to Burning Man, their smoldering live performances have left a mark on festival goers! As far as we’re concerned, “Too Much Is Never Enough.


This Berlin based mastermind loops together his live performances layer by layer. Although most of his songs are first written on guitar, the final cuts are laden with tribal electronic bass lines and texture. Effortlessly juggling DJing, guitar playing, and singing, this one man band is a multitasking talent like no other. “New Morning” is sure to get the crowd moving, and rumor has it, a new album is on the horizon too, so we’re hoping for a sneak peak! Undoubtedly, he’ll send a nod to fellow Envision artist Be Svendsen, who assisted Monlink’s rise to Beatport’s Top 20 Charts by queuing up their production of “Burning Sun.”

Check out both of these artists on Spotify’s Organica playlist, which curates producers who invoke a deep mysterious sound, organic instrumentation, and blended rhythms of Middle Eastern, African or Latin lineage! Perfect in-flight music on your way down to the festival.

8. Be Svendsen

From Burning Man’s Playa to the sands of Uvita, Be Svendson stirs up the dance floor with syncopated rhythms like in his “Tarlabasi Remix”. Renowned for charismatic changes in styles, he keeps crowds on their toes. On one hand, his newest release “Getula” could easily incite a drum circle, while “Andromeda” shuttles listeners on an 80’s inspired analogue space ride and yet alluring would be an understatement for his remix of NU’s “Man O To Remix.”

This excerpt from Svendsen’s Biography sums up his vibe and his mission to a tee:

A mythical manifestation of the deserts and planes of the old American West. He explains:”The music should ultimately connect you to a bigger picture”. The goal is to express and convey a feeling, and to behold the moment – the essence of oscillating between a smile and a tear. “I like to bring tragedy and humor together, and invite them up for a dance.” This is in some way, a celebration of what he calls chiaroscuro – the light and dark – of existence. His sets are transporting, providing a cinematic swagger to the listener submersed in his soundscape.


CloZee kicked of the year with Harmony Remixes album, featuring a remix with Tor of “Secret Place” – these two are channeling Envision Festival in every sense of the word. Blending glitch, trip-hop and middle eastern vibes in “Aspara Calling,” it’s no surprise she called on the talents of Sidecar Tommy from Beats Antique for a collab on this album too. This is also her third time playing the festival and this year Pyrodanza (fire troupe from Costa Rica) and Haza (Dancer from France) are performing on stage with her! Festival goers can expect to go on a “Soul Search” during her set, and who knows, maybe even dance their way into a newfound sense of “Inner Peace” while in the jungle of Uvita.


Fittingly enough, Tara Brook’s hit “Apotholite” is named after a gem that can transform negative experiences in positive ones (and connect you to spirit guides), and Tara’s music seems to do just that. From playing deep sets in dark warehouses or to the rising run at Burning Man, there’s one sure thing about this Desert Hearts resident’s performances, it’s sure to be transformative.  Reflected in songs like Maraquba (translation: meditation) – hypnotic, swirling elements combine with mysterious bass lines and leave a listeners mind to create their own story on the dance floor! This is her third year in a row playing Envision festival, and recently graced the stage of San Diego’s own Spin nightclub.


Spotify playlist curated by Kate Ammerman