Thee Oh Sees at Belly Up by Nicholas Regalado for ListenSD

Thee Oh Sees

The Oh Sees, OCS, Oh Sees, Thee Oh Sees. Whatever moniker it is, you know that when John Dwyer and co are in town you are in for a treat.

Known being pioneers in garage rock world and Dwyer’s prowess as an inventive guitarist, Thee Oh Sees put on a terrific display of what it means to absolutely tear the venue down at the sold out Belly Up. As a result of Dwyer’s push to be a great songwriter and his many influences, their music ranges from garage rock, punk, progressive metal, and psychedelia.

Non-stop onslaught of sound propelled by the double drumming that is now a signature feature of Thee Oh Sees. Their drumming is a standout part of their show and music, instead of just having them for the sound be louder they play syncopated beats and act as a rhythm guitar differentiating themselves from many of the other bands in the genre. The addition of a keyboard player, although hidden behind the scenes also enables Dwyer to be even more laser focused on shredding.

There is clearly no stopping Dwyer and Thee Oh Sees as evident in their constant releases and touring, seeing this band over and over again never gets boring because they are always evolving and never settling where they are at.

Review by: Eduardo Rozen
Photos by: Nicholas Regalado