Frankie and The Witch Fingers sent the Casbah into absolute frenzy for the first night of their North American tour

Frankie and The Witch Fingers

Frankie and The Witch Fingers

WOoo it was a chilly Thursday this past week, and Most of San Diego had plans to just go to sleep early to prepare for work the next day. That wasn’t the case for about 200 people who sold out the Casbah in anticipation to see the constantly growing Frankie and The Witch Fingers

As soon as you entered you had gotten a whiff of the endless chain smoked cigarettes paired with the stench of cheap ass beer. All necessary smells for a wild rock show. First band to take the stage was a local San Diego band Smiling, And they did our great city a service by rocking the shit out of that stage. They’re a very hard working band and will be playing alot of upcoming shows in San Diego. Next we had the pleasure of seeing MONSTERWATCH, an incredible force of a band hailing from Seattle. This band knew how to command a crowd to take pleasure in the sound that they emitted from their Amps. The lead singer mid set screamed “Does San Diego like to Mosh??” The Crowd heard those words and took it like a green light to cause some ruckus. Such a perfect way to open for our main heavyweights Frankie and The Witch Fingers. 

And without even losing a beat, the Witch Fingers took that attention from the crowd and made it their own. Flowing from song to song with such ferocity and skill, it was like a ticking bomb exploding over and over again. They Played songs like “Work”, “Cocaine Dream”, And Newly Released track “Electricide”. After running through their whole set, the eager crowd screamed for more, and the Witch Fingers obliged by covering The Stooges “Search and Destroy” Which really turned the whole venue upside down!

This band will be around forever, but I highly recommend you see them as soon as possible.

Photos & Review by : Nicholas Regalado