Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees

By: April Almaraz

Thee Oh Sees will forever be one of my favorite live bands to witness. Sponsored by RAEN, the Belly Up hosted Thee Oh Sees on a lively Friday night. Living in San Diego, sometimes it’s hard to attend a show that makes your sweat drip out of your pours from headbanging, but that wasn’t an issue at the SOLD OUT Thee Oh Sees show. I felt my youth sticking out more than ever. I was surrounded by a sea of grey headed fans who were just as eager as I was to witness what was about to take place on stage.
San Francisco’s synth punk band POW! rocked the stage for the first half hour. I had never heard of them prior to this show but I was severely into it. Their sound reminded me of the french band La Femme.

With only one opening act, Thee Oh Sees finally blessed the stage. Everyone pushed and shoved to gather towards the middle. I had never witnessed or been in such a friendly yet aggressive mosh pit. It was bittersweet leaving the pit to push my way to the front. Only lasting a few minutes before the oxygen started to become limited. Old school to new shit everything was being played.

We were all waiting for that Big Bang by 11:40pm. They had said they had 5 songs to go but what could have made this night more epic? The waves of ripping guitars and drums kept the rock n roll in us all alive. Next time these guys came to town, you best get your tickets before they sell out.

Photos By: Rachel Frank