Photos By: Arlene Ibarra

By: Rachel Frank

If you’ve ever been to a Burning of Rome show then you know that their psychedelic rock tunes will take hold of the crowd and turn them into wild animals. By that, I mean you should not be surprised if you get sucker punched in the face by a hot blonde or kicked in the shins by a 40-year old man drinking a PBR.

Nevertheless, the energy that this band displays on stage is a key element for their success. I must admit the bands’ antics of jumping into the crowd along with crowd surfing fans and mosh pits paired with their psychadelic rock always makes for a sweaty good time.

Playing at the famous Casbah for their CD release party, Year of the Ox, this show was nothing short of their typical madness. If you ever get the chance to see these guys live, I highly recommend that you do.