Photos & Review By: Summer Luu

The Black Lips self described as a “flower punk” band from Atlanta, Georgia brought out a very attractive and rowdy crowd to the Belly Up Tavern this past Saturday. With a high concentration of female punk rockers, the moshing began when The Coathangers took the stage and only intensified when The Black Lips came on. Energy oozed out of the band, creating an atmosphere perfect for head bangers and dancers alike. Toilet paper rolls were flung into the crowd — as well as the many, many crowd surfers. Cole Alexander (rhythm guitars) even used some of the toilet paper hanging from the ceiling to wipe the sweat from his brow. Playing a variety of songs from their past, recent and new albums — the Black Lips truly gave the audience the punk rock experience. Oh, not to mention there was a size DDD bra on Jared Swilley’s mic stand by the end of the night — you know how these things go.