San Diego was the last stop of Venice-based band Terraplane Sun’s two-month long “Three of Clubs” tour with Flagship and Little Daylight, and they definitely seemed ready to celebrate.

Thursday night brought a sparse, yet intimate crowd to the back room of the House of Blues. Little Daylights kicked things off, followed by North Carolina based band Flagship. With skin-tight pants, pointy black boots and tucked-in t-shirts, Flagship had the aesthetic appeal and big arena sound of a band from England. Their tight togetherness broke halfway through their set, however, when the drummer loudly complained of a foul odor. Being such a tight space, the crowd soon noticed the stench and the lead singer announced, “I think I shit my pants. This has never happened to me before.”

He briskly left the stage and left the audience buzzing with the question, “What?” He returned shortly after, they played another two songs, and left the stage in the most casual manner possible. It was a surreal experience for everyone involved.

Terraplane Sun was up next, and even after soiled trousers, they stole the show. Their two months of touring accumulated to an extremely tight and together performance, playing blues-y hits off their 2011 debut album Coyote and more upbeat, poppy tracks off 2013’s Ya Never KnowTheir quick, jabby dance moves, wide brimmed hats, loose neck t-shirts and holey jeans felt very “Venice” (if that’s even an adjective). Next time these tumbleweeds blow through town, make sure you check them out. And in case anyone needed an update, it was just a really bad fart.

Flagship Fart Tweet




Photos By: Summer Luu

Review By: Amanda Martinek