Psychedelic motorcycle rides, wild animals running amok, and pentagram pizzas: all prominent in Taken by Canadians’ new video.


Taken By Canadians new video, “Do You Believe Me?” is the classic tale of what happens when parents leave their derelict children at home. But unlike the common fable, this group is far worse off than the typical weed-smoking, keg-standing, mind-full-of-pornography teen movie gang. The unconventional, juvenile, drug hyenas prefer the sweet aroma of permanent markers and Elmer’s glue that oozes from the bottle with the screams of a thousand innocent animals, whose bones and hooves were crushed in the making of this elementary school intoxicant.

If that wasn’t enough to make you hide your children away, look no further than drinking cans of donkey piss and cartons of eggnog this rambunctious tribe takes in a trip in the pizza delivery van. And I mean “trip” – the kind where you wave a gun around in the air, threatening the internal monkey trying to hang you with a piñata rope while your friends laugh hysterically amid visions of bearded men soloing with flying V’s on top of Harley Davidsons. It’s all here, and miraculously “Do you Believe Me Momma” is a pun I’d like to extend for this unbelievable video.

Crew: Blake dean (filmed / directed /edited), Taken by Canadians (Ben Ambrosini, Anna Zinova, Marco Savoia, Tristan Faulk-webster)

Visuals: Ake Arndt (Operation Mindblown)

Cast:Ryan Schilawski (Mom), Tom Lord (Dad), Megan Ostergard, Alex Bassaj, Andrew Huse


Words by: Rory Morison