ListenSD Staff is giving you the skinny on who will blow your brains away for FYF Fest 2016!

Beach House

Everytime I listen to Beach House, I cry. Claire’s voice along with those melancholy sounds pierces you straight in the heart like a beautiful foreign man stroking your hair telling you how lovely you are and then leaving you in the dust. I wouldn’t miss seeing this magical group for the world. – Rachel Frank

Father John Misty

The feeling I got watching Josh Tillman drop to his knees and pierce the hearts of angels while debuting “I Love You, Honeybear” songs in a tiny gym in Sonoma, California last year brought me back immediately afterwards to a state of infancy and blind hero worship; trying to make some sense out of why I attend shows, why I create, why I exist at all. I long to be in that place again, now that his music means so much more to me, and his status as an American icon is secured. – Dennis Moon

Blood Orange

This soulful groovy man takes the cake with his dance moves bringing back R&B with an indie sound. I saw him shake his booty last year and can’t wait to see it again. – Rachel Frank

My only time seeing Blood Orange was at Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco, California two years ago and needless to say, I need more. A ton more of Blood Orange, actually. Especially after releasing a new album, Freetown Sound, it’s the sequel we’ve been waiting for since Cupid Deluxe. – Summer Luu

Freetown Sound is such a well put together album! Devonté Hynes is a brilliant singer/songwriter. Groovy R&B beats and chill wave vibe. Love love love. – April Almaraz


While Anohni may awaken casual listeners with her mighty voice alone, it’s the topics she chooses to address — global warming and drone bombing to name a few — in her latest album, Hopelessness, that truly shakes up the heart. It’s no easy task to confront such dreary art, but sometimes an impossible challenge such as Anohni’s music is necessary. – Ryo Miyauchi

The Black Madonna

Since I streamed her wonderful Chicago tribute of a mix — celebrating the city’s rich cultural history as well as its thriving present — last year for a Boiler Room party, The Black Madonna has been a must-see DJ for me. Another good place to start is her recent Festival Sonar set, where the timeless “Looking for the Perfect Beat” rubs elbows with the rhythms of today. – Ryo Miyauchi


Kamaiyah’s recent project, A Good Night in the Ghetto, one of the best rap projects of 2016, welcomes listeners with a familiar summertime warmth, especially if you’ve bumped many bass-heavy hits from the Bay Area. She takes you on a trip through her hometown of Oakland, both the good and the bad corners, and reminisces on her upbringing on the way. – Ryo Miyauchi


Kelela took the FYF stage two years ago following the release of the still-great Cut 4 Me, but from the sound of her latest Hallucinogen EP, she has grown into a different artist entirely. The project’s sparse, Miami bass-influenced highlight “Rewind” features an artist in control of her voice and environment. – Ryo Miyauchi

She is everythinggg! Her music is so sexy and makes you want to dance. Party favors anyone? I love everything about her sound and her performance is so much fun to watch. – April Almaraz


Excited to see Corbin, better known as Spooky Black. He said that Spooky Black was just a joke and was never supposed to be taken serious, but people were and are still feeling the Spooky tracks! – April Almaraz


Holy fuck. I CAN NOT WAIT to see air perform again. If you’re into artist like DeerHunter & Tame impala, then you can not miss Air’s set. They are so influential to a lot of the music that we all listen to. – April Almaraz

Hot Chip

Dance party, dance party, dance party! FYF has slayed me by putting this wonderful human being of a band onto their lineup. I can’t wait to see what kind of performance they put on. – April Almaraz

Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaries

Something of an enigma in a heavily indie/electronic leaning lineup, Charles Bradley embodies the soul at the very core of what FYF’s carefully curated festival is all about. His transcendent voice can be appreciated regardless of age barriers, and I expect the crowd will give his infectious love for his craft right back to him. – Dennis Moon


Claire Boucher is as interesting a human being as she is a genre-breaking, ferociously creative musician. For both of these qualities, and the wonky energy she summons as a force of nature behind a microphone, I seriously hope there are no conflicts to keep me from experiencing the joys of her new record under a dark L.A. sky among thousands. – Dennis Moon

Wolf Parade

I thought the bro’s who made my high school make out soundtrack (and OPENED FOR ARCADE FIRE their very first show in 2003) were gone forever until POOF, the brand new EP-4 snuck onto the internet and they onto the FYF lineup. OH YES. – Amanda Martinek

Todd Terje and the Olsens

I seriously regretted missing a Todd Terje dance party inside the Arena in 2014 after fully surrendering to the exotic spell of his masterwork It’s Album Time last year. Terje has relentlessly pushed the medium of electronic music with his synth virtuosity and visionary production capabilities, and I fully expect a celebratory, adventurous set from him. – Dennis Moon

Jagwar Ma

I saw this Aussie three piece rip LA’s El Rey Theatre to shreds in 2013 with only 11 songs in their catalog. Now, armed with an array of untested new tunes, I can’t wait to see their inventive, groove-based sound hit the festival stage like a ton of bricks. – Dennis Moon

The Black Lips

This band will make you feel like a swamp king. Their gritty lyrics and tunes get the crowd rowdy. Last time I saw them live I got smashed against the wall with bruises all over my stomach. I hope I get a black eye this time. – Rachel Frank

Wild Nothing

I’ve never had the chance to see Jack Tatum live but his sweet sounds and lovely lyrics just make me wanna fall in love. Yes Jack, I’ll go to Paradise with you, no problem – see you backstage at FYF <3 – Rachel Frank

Explosions in the Sky

Elemental post-rock beamed in from above the clouds, simply too poetic for vocals. Suffice to say I’m ready. – Dennis Moon

For the guys who used to be called Breaker Morant, Explosions in the Sky sounds way more epic. I’ve only heard them from outside the walls of WOW Hall in Eugene, Oregon but finally my day of redemption is here at FYF this year. I can’t wait for my ears to be seduced into their raw magnitude of grand existential feelings. – Summer Luu

Ty Segall & The Muggers

The first time I saw Ty’s new super group, I was so emotionally confused and almost spit on by an adult human wearing a baby mask, I couldn’t even fully process wha was going on. Now that I’m a bit old, wiser, I can’t wait to see what costumes and body fluids come from the Muggers at FYF. – Amanda Martinek

This 28 year legend will freak you the fuck out. Wearing baby masks and spitting into the crowd, he puts on one hell of a show. I’m happy to say I got kicked out of his last show crowdsurfing in my panda suit and he sang sweet baby panda lyrics as I was escorted out by security. Can’t wait to headbang to him again. – Rachel Frank

Tame Impala

I mean, it’s pretty obvious. I have a religious experience every time Kevin Parker starts singing and the trippy rainbow graphics work their hypnosis magic. Plus they’re Australian! Good on ya mates. – Amanda Martinek

A band too good for our generation…just let it happen. – Summer Luu

I cannot express how much I love this band. Every lyric, every melody just makes so much sense. Kevin Parker blew me a kiss once when I was wearing my panda suit. I hope I can get closer this time. – Rachel Frank

Young Thug

A surprise after-party premiere of Young Thug’s “With Them,” from his third Slime Season tape, arguably overshadowed The Life of Pablo listening party this year at Madison Square Garden. His alien croak and surreal wordplay continue to evolve into new heights on the scene-stealing jam, and his artistry still remains untouchable in this rap game. – Ryo Miyauchi

Kendrick Lamar

Truly one of the greats of our time, I am humbled to say I will be in attendance for what promises to be a life-changing involvement of both body and soul. Boundless possibilities for guest spots aside, King Kendrick’s hometown coronation takes place August 27. – Dennis Moon

Album choices for honorable mentions:

  • Vince Staples – Summertime ’06 (My favorite rap album of 2015)
  • Todd Terje – It’s Album Time (My second favorite dance album of the 2010s)
  • Oneohtrix Point Never – R Plus Seven
  • Hop Along – Painted Shut
  • Rae Sremmurd  Sremmlife
  • Blood Orange – Freetown Sound (One of my top 10 albums of 2016)
  • Julia Holter – Have You in My Wilderness
  • Andy Stott – Passed Me By/We Stay Together 
Ryo Miyauchi