The Bad Vibes

The Bad Vibes

If you’ve never seen Kim and the Created live before, my only question is WHY NOT?

Kim House is pure combustible energy, the ultimate performer and the leading lady of modern day punk. Her performances electrify and shock the crowd, with stage somersaults, in-your-face antics and howls to the moon. Kim is a star, and Friday night at Til Two Club off El Cajon Blvd. in San Diego, she showed us what she’s made of.

Usually playing with “the Created”, a mishmash of guitarists, drummers and bassists from other popular Los Angeles rock bands, Kim showed up solo with dark curled locks and a sexy skintight emerald green jumpsuit, which screamed rockstar. The “Created” has been recreated to just one drummer, Patrick Glendening, a drummer and costume designer, and Kim donning a guitar on stage for the first time.

The tiny Til Two was jam packed full and Kim and the Created shook it loose. She delivered an anticipated badass show, causing mosh pits, sing-a-longs, fans dancing on stage and even #ThatFuckingPanda showed up and partied with Kim. It was wet and wild and free and something increasingly rare for live shows.

The entire night’s lineup was filled with badass local bands like The Fresh Brunettes, Cochinas Locas and The Bad Vibes, with in-between tunes spun by DJ Julian Vazquez and Chango Rey. Huge shoutouts to Bujwah, Lurkville Skateboards, BURGER RECORDS and Carne’s Cukes for co-sponsoring this show. See you next time.

Photos By: Jason Augustine
Review By: Amanda Martinek