Artist: Spooky Cigarette
Title: “Slowly”
Label: Bleeding Gold Records
Release Date: October 19th, 2018

Local post-punk band Spooky Cigarette releases a long-awaited, new single.

“Slowly” does more with less. It begins with solely drums, and slowly (no pun intended), the other instruments join the pursuit. The track builds to Frank Mindingall’s eccentric voice joining the fray, singing about the slow process of becoming his true self. The upbeat, two-chord verses give the desired feeling of being hopeful as it transitions into the catchy synth-pop chorus.

Spooky Cigarette understands that through a minimalist approach, there must be a consistent flow. They do just that with Jakob Whinney’s simple guitar hook that plays throughout the verses. The funky 10-note bassline leads the entire song as the drums plays a very straightforward, but punctual beat, combining to make a great tune.

“Slowly” will be released on other music platforms very soon. Expect a full release from the band soon as well! In the meantime, listen to their debut EP here.

Review by: Luis Mireles