Sillversun_Pickups_Better_NatureArtist: Silversun Pickups
Album: Better Nature
Release Date: September 25, 2015
Label: Danger Bird Records

It’s been nine years since Silversun Pickups gained popularity with their sonic guitar-layered single, “Lazy Eye” off their debut, Carnavas.

The band has drawn heavy comparisons to The Smashing Pumpkins, which is quite noticeable in their earlier work, but less progressive. Now, in 2015 the Los Angeles natives give us an album that has more of a pop-sound in Better Nature. 

The first few tracks have SP sounding like their old selves. “Cradle (Better Nature)” has lead singer Brian Auberts vocals gliding along frustrated guitars that provide an atmospheric landscape. Although, at some points, a few tracks come off as a bit boring and unoriginal to themselves; “Friendly Fire” gradually progresses itself with mundane synth that ends up amounting to not a whole lot. it seems as though SP is trying to fit the mold of electronic band. Electronic drums, synth, and heavy production lather the record. Most noticeably on “Ragamuffin” which has pulsing guitars over flickering synth, offers listeners something different while still sounding like Silversun Pickups. As the album closes to an end with “The Wild Kind” has a certain cheesiness to it that kind of sums up the album.

While Carnavas could possibly be The Smashing Pumpkin’s GishBetter Nature is more like Ava Adore. Long story short, Better Nature falls short of Silversun Pickups’ past.

Check out the official video to their new single “Nightlight”

By: Matthew Burke