Photos By: Alexander Dantés

By : Hannah Winokur 

One might say Shakey Graves has earned himself a cult following. This might be said under the terms that he effortlessly drew a crowd large enough to sell out The Observatory on a Wednesday evening in North Park, San Diego. Folks were lining up over an hour before doors were open in an effort to snag the closest standing space to the Americana-Blues-Rock and Rolling-Country hybrid.

Concert attendees pregamed for the evening with a set of Tennis. Hailing from Denver, the minimalist pop duo’s style is nothing short of a mood enhancer. Seeing them live is sure to get anyone through even the worst of hump days.

Shakey Graves first gained recognition as one man band-a simple guy with simple instruments. However as the years have wore on he has curated a full band, and has ultimately furthered the range of his music, in many different ways. The 2015 edition of Shakey Graves -the one at in San Diego on October 28-was able to run, jump, and dance across the stage as his band upheld the multiple instruments who used to hold responsibility for.

It’s not something you would expect from a crooning country boy, and that is what made the evening so special. The singer songwriter quickly revealed himself as a rockstar with his stage presence. The crazy thing was that his voice did not waver or shake a single time….even in the midst of the stage antics. I can’t help but think he should start going by Smooth Graves.

The crowd pretty much lost it when the eternally recognizable “Dearly Departed” began to hum throughout the building..although the singer’s fem counterpart, Esme Patterson was not present, the song went on without a hitch. The deceivingly upbeat song touches on the subject of heartache and breaking up. And damn is it good. Shakey Graves is able to strike a chord and sing about the things we prefer not to talk about. The things we have all felt but can’t seem to SPEAK ABOUT.

He can croon. He can strum. He can hum. and He can throw a damn good show.