Artist: S. Chaparral
Title: “Too Much Time”
Label: Independent
Release Date: March 26, 2021

San Diego based musician S.Chapparal takes you on a breezy chilled out journey with his new single “Too Much Time”

From the first intro into the light fingerpicking melody, you are automatically transported to his world of nostalgia and melancholy. The addition of the banjo provided the song with an alt-country twang that recalls the 60s Laurel Canyon aesthetic with clear influences from the greats such as Neil Young and James Taylor. 


While the callback to that era is very prevalent there are also singular moments throughout the song that has a very forward-thinking Americana vibe to the likes of War on Drugs and Kurt Vile, and even some washed-out psychedelia like found in Wand or even some of the more acoustic Ty Segall songs. 


The conversational lyricism and vocal delivery lends itself very well to the music and is a clear match to tug at heartstrings. The relativeness of the lyrics makes you wanna be chilling with him drinking beers on a porch while telling stories of your childhood, this song is like your long-lost friend who you’re catching up with after many years and it’s as if nothing has changed. 

We are very excited about what is to come from S. Chapparal and we think you should too!

Check out his full album, Somewhere On Me and expect to see a lot more from S. Chaparral, listen to his debut album here.

Review by: Eduardo Rozen