RL Grime had SOMA permeating with inclusive beats and stimulating sensations on Wednesday, November 22nd.

Although nearly everyone came to see RL Grime, the openers set the tone early and prepared the crowd for the upcoming headliner.

LA-based DJ Kittens kicked off the night with a casual demeanor and high pitched beats. Kittens delivered to the audience’s unspoken demands, playing remixes of popular songs mixed with a few of her own; the crowd, clearly present to let loose, warmed up quickly.

Next, GRAVES opened his set up with a remix of “Intro” by The XX. Graves’s stage presence was electric and ready to increase the energy of the crowd. At unexpected yet well planned moments, the beat dropped, and security rained water from water bottles they had at the ready. By the time GRAVES was done the room was highly anticipating a well-prepared set from RL Grime.

With arms held high, his fist bumping into the air, RL Grime started off strong. Unlike his openers, RL Grime didn’t wait halfway through his opening song “Era” to drop the beat but instead started off with the breakdown, only to be followed by another unexpected breakdown mid intro. With perfectly paired lights matching every beat and transitions, RL Grime had a unique ability to progress into the overwhelmingly loud bass that resonated with everyone.

RL Grime continued to maintain the crowd at high intensity with his most recent releases like “Reims” and with songs from his album Void, as well as other fairly well-known remixes.

The room was a constant wave of electric sensations to the audiences’ eyes and ears that kept everyone in constant motion.



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