Mogwai shook North Park’s Observatory to its core with their tremendous post-rock sound on Monday, November 20th.

Opening the show, Texas-based musician Xander Harris played a solo set for a receptive crowd. Featuring tracks off his new album, Termination Dust, Harris utilized a variety of analog and digital synths to create haunting melodies.

San Diego was Mogwai’s first stop on their North American tour. The Scottish post-rockers appeared very grateful. With smiles on their faces, they constantly thanked the crowd throughout the night. Their latest album, Every Country’s Sun, is a definitive statement about the band. They dialed all their strong-points and focused them into one album. As the band finished playing their first song, “Coolverine,” it was apparent that the sound from the album translated seamlessly onto the stage.

The audience was completely enraptured with the band. As the night progressed, so did the volume levels. Countering sheer intensity with tracks like “Take Me Somewhere Nice” and “Brain Sweeties,” the show flowed at a perfect pace. As Mogwai finished their set, they politely thanked everyone and left the stage.

For their encore, they launched the crowd into space with the absolutely stunning rendition of their latest album’s title track, “Every Country’s Sun.” Closing the show out with “We’re No Here” felt appropriate. The guitars reverberated throughout the room and commanded the complete attention of everyone. As the last drone was emitted from the pedal boards, Mogwai left the crowd with a completely unforgettable night of music.


Photos by: Nicholas Regalado
Review by: Max Sanchez