Reverend Horton Heat at House of Blues by Jordan Blinn for ListenSD

Rockabilly legends Reverend Horton Heat and Los Angeles natives The Buttertones rocked the House of Blues on Sunday, January 19th.

The night of the show had a calm vibe, the ages of the concertgoers of the show was more diverse than you’d see at your typical show, with the age skewing rather older. Both bands put on an energetic and engaging show, riling the crowd up and playing fantastic music.

The Reverend Horton Heat are perhaps the most popular psychobilly artists of all time, their recognition rivaled only by the recognition that is alloted to the genre’s founders, the Cramps. The Reverend (as both the band and its guitar-playing frontman, Jim Heath, are known) built a strong cult following during the ’90s through constant touring, manic showmanship, and a barbed sense of humor.

Reverend Horton Heat at House of Blues by Jordan Blinn for ListenSD

The Reverend played many of their dedicated fan’s favorites, among them “Psychobilly Freakout” during their first set and “Galaxy 500” during the second set. In between sets, they performed a few cover songs with Deke Dickerson, a rockabilly musician well-known within the genre. To end the night with a fantastic finish, the Heat performed two covers during their encore, Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas,” and Gene Simmons’ “The School of Rock and Roll.”

It is clear that Jim Heath has been doing this for decades, his skill on the guitar and as a performer, delivering both amazing sound quality, flow, and energetic stage presence, making him a rather exciting and thrilling entertainer to watch.

The Reverend Horton Heat had stupendous support, provided by indie-rock band The Buttertones, as they appealed to the younger members of the crowds with their own popular tunes, as well as teasing a few songs off of their upcoming album, soon to be released. “Dionysus” riled the crowd up, a decent pit forming during their performance that lasted through their entire set.

It was interesting to observe that there were many in attendance who only stayed for The Buttertones’ set, and left at it’s conclusion.

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Photos by: Jordan Blinn
Review by: Ricardo Crossley