Artist: Real J. Wallace
Label: None
Album Release Date: June 12, 2017
Track Name: “Go

Set to play a show put on by us here at ListenSD, local rapper Real J. Wallace’s latest song, “Go,” makes you want to listen to the rest of his new album.

On Thursday, June 29th at Music Box San Diego, Wallace will take the stage alongside The Mud Howlers, Ethics, Fake Tides, and Dream Joints. This night will not only showcase music, but also the works of various San Diego artists.

“Go” off his recently released album, Aloe Vera, is both iconic and simplistic. Sharp beats overlap the undertone of keyboard melodies that you can’t help but vibe with—I can only imagine the effect on a live audience. The lyrics depict the real issues and thoughts of Real J. but are also relateable on a universal level. In this track, Real J. gives off hints of his jazz and blues roots, blending together with his heartfelt message and overall hip-hop style.

It’s artists like this who keep the rap scene alive in San Diego, so show some support for all of the soul he puts into each song and come see the magic live at Music Box San Diego on Thursday, June 29th! Get your tickets here.

By: Kyla Wyllie