While Trump and Hilary duked it out at the Presidential Debate, Ra Ra Riot and Young the Giant rocked the House of Blues in San Diego.

It’s not necessarily the norm to dance at an indie rock concert but you can’t help it at a Ra Ra Riot show. They magically marry dreamy surfer vibes to 80s dance hall with a bit of Brooklyn hipster feels thrown in. The band lit up the stage with hits from their latest album, Need Your Light. Fans couldn’t stop moving to synth-y, new hits like “Absolutely,” “Every Time I’m Ready to Hug,” and (arguably) the most danceable track on the album, “Bouncy Castle.”

The performance was reminiscent of Tame Impala meets Arcade Fire. Of course the crowd couldn’t get enough of frontman, Wesley Miles and his wild vocal range. The band carried Miles’ momentum, electrifying the stage with funky dance moves and killer solos. Rebecca Zeller shredded on her Swarovski diamond-studded violin and Mathieu Santos crushed the performance on bass.

The band is on tour for their new album, Need Your Light, which just may be their most ambitious album to date.

Check out their upcoming tour dates.

After Ra Ra Riot finished their set, indie rock band Young the Giant took the stage. Lead vocalist/Elvis-meets-Matt Bellamy heart throb, Sameer Gadhia, wore a thin shirt printed with psychedelic designs, while he crooned over the audience and delicately danced with the mic stand.  The band played an appreciated mix of new and what Sameer referred to as “old school.” Fans belted along to famous tracks like “Cough Syrup,” “Mind Over Matter,” and “My Body,” while also moving to new hits like “Amerika.”

The lyrics of their new song “Something To Believe In” felt all too perfect. Gadhia sang out: “You’ve got to listen/I’m a songbird with a brand new track/You underestimate/I’ll give you something to believe in.” One thing is for sure, last night Young the Giant gave us all something to believe in.


The band is on tour for their new album, Home of the Strange.  Check out their upcoming tour dates.

Photos By: Charlie Spadone
Review By: Lauren Villa