Pete Yorn at the Belly Up by Sylvia Borgo for ListenSD

Pete Yorn evokes nostalgia weaved through new music at The Belly Up with Dear Boy

Pete Yorn graced the Belly Up stage with a full band touring his latest album, CARETAKERS, this week. With a wink to the front row, he started off with a solo acoustic, “Girl Like You,” a Bonus Track for his debut album. Throughout the evening he gave the audience some short yet intimate stories, including how he first was signed to a label over 20 years ago. Playing a steady wave of new songs shoulder to shoulder with old favorites, much of the respectful crowd swayed and hung onto every word.

Pete Yorn at the Belly Up by Sylvia Borgo for ListenSD

The night opened with LA-based, alternative rock band Dear Boy who accompanied Yorn on three shows on this leg of the Caretakers tour. Perhaps, they were not initially on the radar of most die-hard Pete Yorn fans, but they quickly earned the attendees’ attention. Dear Boy frontman, Ben Grey, gave a touching and sincere shout-out to Yorn before ending strong to a cheering crowd. A buzz was swarming about them through the night.

Dear Boy at the Belly Up by Sylvia Borgo for ListenSD

Known as a multi-instrumentalist, Yorn stuck to the guitar varying from a twelve string to electric. On the third song, “On Your Side,” he teased with Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” and it was the first sing-along of the evening. Yorn is a storyteller who delivers with a laid-back vibe and kicked it into third gear during the three song encore.

Pete Yorn at the Belly Up by Sylvia Borgo for ListenSD


A Girl Like You
Idols (We Don’t Ever Have to Say Goodbye)
On Your Side (landslide by fleetwood mac teaser )
I Wanna Be the One
Just Another
Strange Condition
Try (heroes by david bowie interlude)
Pass Me By
Turn of the Century
Life on a Chain
Photos by: Sylvia Borgo
Review by: Kristy Walker
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