MUSE at Pechanga Arena San Diego

With a powerful blast of pyro English rock band MUSE provided an incendiary performance for an adoring crowd at Pechanga Arena.

MUSE brought their Will Of The People Tour to Pechanga Arena in San Diego California on Monday April 10th.  The band which features Matt Bellamy on vocals and lead guitar, Dominic Howard on drums, Chris Wolstenholme on bass, and touring member Dan Lancaster on keyboards put on an elaborate production as usual with a heavy dose of rock and roll theatrics.


MUSE at Pechanga Arena San Diego

Never ones to tour with a plain stage set, this time the band brought costumes, streamers, confetti, lights, lasers, a healthy dose of pyro, and even a giant animatronic puppet that magically appeared onstage throughout the show and bellowed lights and smoke from its hands.  Besides all the amazing stagecraft, the band never disappoints with their set lists and musicianship either. Highlights from the San Diego show included “Hysteria,” “Psycho,” “Resistance,” “Madness,” “Supermassive Black Hole,” and the unstoppable encore of “Knights of Cydonia.”

Guitarist Bellamy and bassist Wolstenholme both stalked the massive sprawling stage throughout the evening, taking turns running back and forth down a massive central ramp, and utilizing a fantastic pov camera system that brought all of the arena up close to the action on stage.  Drummer Dominic Howard was a beast behind his massive drum kit as usual, pounding away tribal rhythms and somehow keeping perfect time despite all the craziness surrounding him.

MUSE at Pechanga Arena San Diego

MUSE are a band that headlines massive festivals and the biggest stages all over the world, and somehow seeing them at Pechanga Arena despite its massive capacity felt like a relatively intimate show.  The stage design, band interaction, and sound mix really played a huge part in drawing the crowd in and making the whole performance feel intimate and powerful.  Kudos to MUSE for another amazing dramatic rock show and here’s hoping the band brings many more innovative tours like this to San Diego in the years to come.

Photos and Review by: Alex Matthews