Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear

Tuesday night found the Observatory North Park filled with music die hards of all ages. Having first made their debut on the music scene in 2001, Minus the Bear has kept strong albums coming for 16 years.

The Desert Daze-bound Deap Vally opened the show. They’re a rock duo comprised of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards. The guitar-and-drum team, with Troy on guitar and Edwards on drums respectively, are two women that captivated the crowd.

Despite initially starting their set with just a handful in the crowd, their energy filled the gorgeous auditorium. Troy took full advantage of the large stage, shredding the way many in the crowd could only dream of doing. Punk rock vocals pushed to the brim collided with Edwards’ precision drumming. With just two instruments, Deap Vally managed to create full sound that could compete with the five-piece Minus the Bear who followed them.

Personality and potent energy radiated off these rockers that were every bit the cool rock friends one dreams of having. Certainly, these women are a must-see act at the upcoming Desert Daze festival.

After a brief break between sets, the lights dimmed and Minus the Bear ripped into their first song to a crowded auditorium. Sixteen years of music have seasoned these artists into crafted musicians. With a unique style of rock, their clever lyrics, intricate melodies, and catchy riffs kept the audience both bobbing their heads in steady pace while thoughts took the audience into a nostalgic reverie. Not even rogue hecklers could back, or even faze, the electric performance on stage.

Particularly notable were the stage presences of guitarist Dave Knudson and Cory Murchy, both of whom often found themselves restlessly moving around the stage and often coming right up the edge of it. Alex Rose and frontman Jake Snider both kept cool on either side of the stage, creating a fascinating dynamic between the four musicians throughout the set.

The band played through songs new and old, from songs off their latest album VOID to fan-favorites such as “Pachuca Sunrise.” While no new San Diego dates for the band have been announced, it’d be well worth the trip to catch them at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz on Saturday, October 21st.


Review By: Christine Heyne
Photos By: Nicholas Regalado