From the baby-faced, to the fully tattooed and pierced, to the gray-bearded, Ministry brought out fans of different backgrounds to their all-ages, nearly sold out show at House of Blues San Diego on Friday night. 

It wasn’t an easy show to get to on a busy Comic Con Friday. After battling the traffic on the freeways, one had to pay anywhere from $30-$50 to park.

Ministry, formed in 1981 by lead singer Al Jourgensen, are best known for their impact on the industrial metal scene. After 27 years and 11 studio albums, the band broke up in 2008 but reformed in 2011.

Concert-goer Joseph Conway said, “I debated whether to catch them later in the tour in Los Angeles because of Comic-Con, but I decided on the show. I’ve been listening to this band since ‘Everyday is Halloween,’ which was from the 1980s.”

Opening band, Ho99o9 (pronounced “horror”), began their show with TheOGM writhing in a wedding dress and joined by Eaddy wearing a straight jacket. 

Ministry is well known for voicing their political views on albums. That is one reason concert-goer LJ Vernon became a fan and was catching the HOB show. She said, “I found Ministry after they popped up on Pandora–I was listening to Nine Inch Nails. I started with their synth pop stuff. The first songs I liked were ‘So What,’ and ‘Rio Grande Blood.’ They had a whole trilogy of albums about George W. Bush’s administration and they’ve already voiced their opinion on Trump.”

Ministry will begin their tour of select cities across the U.S. for AmeriKKKant in the fall. 

Photos & Review by: Sylvia Borgo