Miike Snow

On Monday night, Miike Snow played an incredibly fun show at the Observatory North Park.

As the night went on, lead singer Andrew Wyatt got even better. The vocals during “Genghis Khan” were a little shaky, but Wyatt hit his stride by the third song.

Beyond the Wyatt’s strong vocals, there were furry hats, sunglasses, piano renditions of fan favorites like “Heart is Full,” and “Song for No One,” maracas, some serious fog, drum solos reminiscent of an 80s rock session, goofy cat walks, and falsettos that made you fall in love with Miike Snow all over again.

Midway through the set, Wyatt told the crowd that Miike Snow’s first gig was in San Diego. Maybe that explains the deep-seated love that us San Diegans have for this band.

Set List

  1. Genghis Khan
  2. Billie Holiday
  3. Cult Logic
  4. Paddling Out
  5. The Heart Of Me
  6. Burial
  7. Heart is Full
  8. I Feel The Weight
  9. Sylvia
  10. Song For No One
  11. Black & Blue
  12. Long Shot
  13. Animal
Photos By: Charlie Spadone
Review By: Lauren Villa