Little Dragon

How perfectly fitting to watch the amazing Yukimi Nagamo on the celebration of the pagan fertility Goddess Ishtar.

As we crammed deviled and candy eggs into our gullets, Little Dragon prepared with the rebirth of their band with the new album, Season High which dropped last week.

Just like Ishtar, Yukimi induced fertility rituals like dancing and making out all over the Observatory dance floor.

It’s a magical thing to watch a band evolve before your eyes. Season High is bound to be the soundtrack of summer 2017 with absolutely no filler songs and track after track of synthy, dancey goodness. Just as I surmised, “Celebrate”, “Sweet”, and “Strobe Light” were bound to be lead singles off the album. You are warned that you won’t be able to resist the sugar rush of “Sweet” and it’s pounding beat will drive you to ecstatic dance. The throwback groove of “Celebrate” is still stuck in my head days later, it’s sexy guitar breakdown escaping the melody and rounding out the glam 1980s feel. “Strobe Light” is the quintessential Little Dragon track with beats at times haunting but always dance inducing and Yukumi’s voice guiding you through it all.

Throughout the years, I’ve compared the musical Goddess Yukumi to other musical legends. Listening to the band you hear obvious Prince influences and her larger than life costumes bring to mind the stage performances of Bjork and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In bringing the tribes together this sacred Sunday, she stepped out of the shadows of the greats and into her rightful place as queen. She commanded the stage leading a “space jazz” dance party, her words enchanting our minds, the sexiness of her voice seeping through the cracks in our skulls, engaging the neurons to electrify our bodies into action.

Review by: Ty Velasquez
Photos By: Josh Claros