I have been a big fan of Banks since her first album, so needless to say I was excited to finally see her live. Humphrey’s by the Bay is an awesome hidden gem in the venue world of San Diego. The weather was a perfect 62 degrees and the moon was shining beautifully above our heads. After securing a good viewing point, the show started.

As the performance began, it was as if a musical seance was being invoked, both eerie and enticing.

Much to my ear’s delight, Banks voice was as radiant as I could have expected from her live performance. You could really feel the emotion she portrays in every song. The energy shared between her and the audience was incredible. She was very interactive with everyone involved, from her fans, to her dancers, to her band members. The crowd was singing every word of every song as if it was their own personal anthem. All in all Banks is a bewitching babe and an incredibly talented performer and I would take every opportunity to see her again.

Review by: Tara Eldridge
Photos by: Rachel Frank