Legendary Electro-funk duo Chromeo  stormed the Humphreys stage last week, closing out 3 for 3 sold out shows in California.

David “Dave 1” Macklovitch + Patrick “P-Thugg” Gemayel, otherwise known as Chromeo, began playing together in high school and joke that they’re the longest-running Arab/Judeo partnership in history, a sense of humor that radiates through their music as well. In 2007 they gained international fame with the “Fancy Footwork” album, touting up-tempo disco funk inspired beats, and quirky lyrics, upon which they’d kick off the show, dropping “Intro” as they took to the stage.

With randomized strobe flashes along the back wall and smoke shrouding them in mystery, Dave 1 &  P-Thugg sauntered to their mics in a level of glory that superseded an NBA introduction. “Chromeo Oooh Oh” : The roar of the crowd’s chant grew to a crescendo, until being slashed by a guitar solo that would make the 80’s proud.


The caliber of the group’s live performance is no surprise to many San Diegans after appearances at CRSSD Festival (on top of being billed on the 2018 Coachella line-up) but if there had been any non-believers in the audience, they must’ve headed to the bar. As for the rest of us, it was time to kick off the dance party! Fans were seen dressed up to match the charisma of the act, flaunting a “Sexy Socialite” leather vest, or the two men in stilettos x short skirts, a cheeky nod to the Fancy Footwork album cover.

For as much success as these “FunkLords” have garnered on the charts, they never seem to take themselves too seriously, and that’s exactly what makes them so loveable! Dave 1 worked every inch of the chrome cast stage during the show, doling out sing-alongs, one after another (Jealous, Bonafied Lovin, Needy Girl, Juice, Night by Night).  Antics included: strutting the stairs, raising his guitar to the sky, and using the spotlights to create a light beam reflection radiating from it. P-Thugg manned the keys, bass and owned the vocoder choruses. The duo’s bromance was on full display from their guitar battle to the arm in arm wave goodnight.

Up Next: Chromeo’s new album “Head Over Heels” is dropping June 15th.  They’re calling it their most diverse (hinting to collaborations perhaps) and accomplished body of work yet “bigger, brighter and more sheen”.

Review by: Kate Ammerman
Photos by: Leah Lipson

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