Chastity Belt (cc: Angel Ceballos)

Chastity Belt (cc: Angel Ceballos)

The quirky and vivacious chicks of Chastity Belt are headed for an eventful 2016. Right now, the Seattle-based four piece are beginning their West Coast quickie tour with Protomartyr. On March 2nd, Chastity Belt will perform at Soda Bar in support of their acclaimed 2015 release Time to Go Home. In preparation for the show, the band took time out of their busy schedules to speak with ListenSD about the tour, their favorite current artists, and the inspiration behind the band’s album art.

Do NOT miss Chastity Belt when they stop by in San Diego this week! Tickets available here.

Right now, right at this moment, where are you ladies and what are you doing?

We’re in the van in our way to Eugene, OR listening to the Offspring and checking our email.

How’s the tour going with Protomartyr?

Hasn’t started yet but I’m sure it’ll be great 🙂

Last time we saw you, you were wrapping up your tour with Courtney Barnett last year. How was that?

We had a great time playing with Courtney Barnett.  They are so fun to watch live and really great people.  Darren Hanlon was also on tour with us and we had the best time with all of them.  We played charades, went to the Smithsonian in DC… Overall had the time of our lives.

You [Julia] have a knack for coming up with witty, sarcastic yet honest lyrics and ingenious chord progressions… When did you discover that talent? 

Wow thanks. I’m not really sure. I definitely think I’ve gotten better at writing songs just through practice. I’ve always been a big fan of Elliott Smith. His chord progressions and lyrics are something I’m in awe of, and he’s been one of my inspirations.

Do you have a life motto? 

Break a bottle and sweep it up.

Have you binged on any Netflix series recently?

I (Gretchen) love Friday Night Lights so much.  Annie is into Nashville and Julia recently watched all of Lost.  Lydia loves Foyle’s War… It’s a period piece 😉

What other bands or musicians have caught your ear lately?

I really love All Dogs and Alex G.  Our friends Posse just released an EP that’s really great.

What are you ladies doing when you’re not on tour? Do you have day jobs to support Chastity Belt? 

Yep we all have day jobs.  I [Gretchen] nanny, Julia bar tends, Annie is a barista, and Lydia is a gardener for the city.

What was the inspiration behind the album art for Time to Go Home? 


Julia and I dressed up as ghosts for Halloween.  We were at a party and too high to talk to anyone else and somehow ended up taking pictures.  They turned out so well we decided we wanted a pic of a ghost as our album cover.

What do you have planned after this 2016 tour?

We’re going to the UK in May, and we’re also currently working on some East and West coast dates this summer.

Interview By: Summer Luu & Connor Cox