Photos By: Francesca Tirpak

By: Lara McCaffrey

LA Witch bassist Irita Pai exited her tour van parked outside Lavender House Records and looked around bewilderly at the empty, dark streets of Vista. One of the girls from the opener Burning Palms saw Pai’s expression and laughed. “Welcome to Vista!” she said to Pai.

Lavender House Records is located in Vista, a 40 minute drive from San Diego proper. It’s hard to spot right away until you see bands unloading instruments. Once you enter the venue however, nighttime Vista doesn’t seem so empty and dark anymore.

Only the first opener, Lucky Keith, had begun playing but the place was already a full scale house party. Brothers Jordan and Jarrod Heidt began Lavender House Records earlier this year with the intention of hosting all-ages house party like shows. The place is small with lavender and white walls and Christmas lights hanging around the stage area. There’s a small outdoors area as well.

After the second opener, Burning Palms from Tuscon, Arizona, Death Valley Girls took to the stage. The evening had started out mellow enough until the band began ripping it up. A bunch of teens boys started moshing, slipping on their shoelaces and bumping into people. Death Valley Girls’ rambunctious pop punk put even the mellowist concert goers in a good mood. Headliner LA Witch played after Death Valley Girls.

The term “witch” can be either positive or negative depending on who you ask, but all can agree it refers to a powerful woman. Everyone in attendance at Lavendar House Records could confirm that name “LA Witch” suits the band just right. Bassist Irita Pai, guitarist Sade Sanchez and drummer Ellie English got swagger on and off stage and their music is dark and raw ranging from psych rock to melancholy dark folk.

For those of you in North County needing a new venue to go to or a San Diegans willing to make the trip, Lavendar House Records is perfect for watching up and coming artists in a house party environment. Keep checking their website for upcoming shows.