Kim and the Created

Kim and the Created. Photo by Rachel Frank

By: Erik Frank

Photos by: Rachel Frank

Kim and The Created and Kera and The Lesbians rocked the Soda Bar Thursday night, with both performances pulsating with eccentric energy. Kera and the Lesbians played a mix of surf rock, dixieland jazz, and punk/ska, with the bass and drummer dropping a heavy yet groovy style. Kera’s stage presence was easy to get wrapped up in.

Kim and the Created took stage next and it was easy to recognize influences like The Cramps or The Sex Pistols. Kim seemed to be possessed. She took on a completely different persona the moment she got on stage from the person I talked to earlier in the night, and the stage was not big enough to contain her. From jumping on the drum set and bar, to crawling and rolling around, the performance was pure shock value and pleasure. She even smeared mascara down her face. The “created” band had a grungy feel, like sipping whiskey out of a dirty glass. The drums and bass had a thumping pulse, making it hard to not headbang. The guitar played tasty screeching licks, with a cringe worthy tone that gave great edge to the band.