Japanese Breakfast carried us through the storm at The Observatory North Park

Japanese Breakfast

Japanese Breakfast is a singular artist, after dealing with the trauma of losing her mother not only has she put out 3 critically acclaimed albums; but also a New York Times bestseller(which will become a feature film) “Crying in H Mart”, and last but not least, the score to a wonderfully gorgeous and adventurous indie video game “Sable”. One can definitely say that she stays busy… I, being a huge fan of everything Michelle Zauner(Japanese Breakfast), was very much looking forward to the show. 

Japanese Breakfast

A massive storm took over San Diego on that Monday evening, but that did not stop the crowd or the show from exhibiting the fervor that it did. 

Even when taking the fandom and admiration away the show blew me away.

Michelle’s catalog now features every single type of song you want to hear at a concert. Everything from her most recent bop “Be Sweet”, the darker in tone “Road head”, to ballads like “Boyish” All expertly performed with a band, led by her shredder of a husband, who excel at being the perfect backbone to Michelle’s prowess. 

Japanese Breakfast

No tropes, no overdone banter, no forced audience participation, just a confident performance of someone who seems to have progressed significantly in artistry and showmanship.

As overdone as “I can’t wait to see what comes next” is, it is an especially true statement when it comes to Michelle Zauner and Japanese Breakfast.

Review by: Eduardo Rozen

Photos by: Raelena Kniff

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