James Blake San Diego

Say what you will, but James Blake brought chills up our spine with his sultry melodies and angelic voice at Observatory North Park

As the audience packed into the beautiful historic Theatre, you could feel the palpable energy of anticipation for Blake come into the air. The English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer took the stage like an angelic hero bringing us all to our knees as his voice struck a chord.

James Blake San Diego

After bringing the audience into a trance with his soulful voice and hypnotic melodies, Blake went on to express his gratitude to the audience and how difficult it’s been the past year without live music. He went on to play multiple unreleased tracks back to back sending the fans into a hazy dance with the beats pulsating “Mind is Your Mind”.

James Blake San Diego

He gave the crowd all our favorites including the classics from his 2011 Self Titled album, James Blake with “Limit to Your Love” and “The Wilhelm Scream. In between sets, he spoke to the audience about taking care of your mental health and the importance of communication with your friends even if you need to push them away, being honest will set you free.

Thank you James, you set us free with a night that didn’t limit your love. We can’t wait to see you again in concert.

James Blake


Say What You Will
I’ll Come Too
Life Round Here
Life Is Not The Same
Friends That Break Your Heart
I’m So Blessed You’re Mine
The Limit to Your Love
Famous Last Words
Foot Forward
I Keep Calling

Are You in Love?
Don’t Miss It
The Wilhelm Scream

Photos & Review by: Rachel Frank