Photos By: Rachel Frank

By: Amanda Martinek

Despite it being a Wednesday and all, a decent size flocked to the Casbah to check out Dutch neo-pysch band Jacco Gardner on the San Diego stop of their US tour. Opening for Jacco was Canadian band Calvin Love, fronted by a tanner, sexier version of Edward Cullen (you know, that vampire). Calvin wore a suit jacket, bro-tank, high-water slacks, and a fake wedding ring as he shook around his hips like an Elvis impersonator, woo-ing the women front row, as the rest of the crowd abandoned their barstools to come watch. I honestly can’t remember much else apart from those hips, but know Love’s set loosen everybody up, preparing for pop to come.

Jacco took stage with five other gentleman, spread across the stage in two rows. Guitars and keywords and percussion instruments were passed intravenously from musician to musician, building twinkling songs sounding straight out of the Summer of Love, ’67. Gardner’s long hair covered half of his face, as he gently sang numbers off his 2013 debut Cabinets of Curiosities and their brand new album Hypnophobia. Nobody on stage smiled much or even said much, but it was okay, because their songs said everything and made me smile. Thanks for the grin Jacco.