Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello

Storming Observatory North Park with their signature brand of gypsy punk, Gogol Bordello orchestrated the crowd with a crazed energy that permeated throughout the venue.

Once they stepped on stage, openers Lucky Chops treated the sold-out crowd to what felt like a house party during Mardi Gras.  Featuring an all brass quintet, the crowd was wildly receptive to their original compositions as well as classic covers like “Funkytown/I Feel Good.” At one point, they had different members of Gogol Bordello perform songs with them. Although it was a great addition, Lucky Chops seemed to win the crowd over with their blend of rock and funk on their own merit.

Gogol Bordello, with almost two decades of touring under their belt, has been delivering some of the most inspired and unique sets of rock and roll in the world. Touring behind their latest album, Seekers and Finders, the band found themselves with a cleaner and focused sound that fits excellently into their vast catalog.

Eugene Hutz, the fearless leader and front-man, waltzed out with a bottle of red wine to the roar of the crowd. With just a raise of his hand, he could stir the audience into a frenzy. Opening the show with “Break Into Your Higher Self”, the band played a 21 song setlist that traversed from the band’s earliest songs to classics like “My Companjera” and “Wanderlust King.” Opener Lucky Chops played on many of Gogol Bordello’s songs, enhancing the show with a larger sound.

When the opening chords were played from “Start Wearing Purple,” the whole venue was swaying and howling together like friends at a wild night at the bar. Closing the show armed with only an acoustic guitar, Hutz fingerpicked his way through the beautiful “Sun Is On My Side,” ending the night on a high point and leaving everyone wondering when Gogol Bordello will return to San Diego.

Review by: Max Sanchez
Photos by: Nicolas Regalado