Ty Segall’s band GØGGS played a rare show this past weekend at the Teragram Ballroom in LA, to promote new album “Pre Strike Sweep,” and pretty much started a riot with some of the heaviest distortion bleeding out of those amps.

Ty had announced the formation of the band GØGGS in 2016, fronted by Ex Cult’s Christopher Shaw on vocals, bassist Michael Anderson, and Charlie Moothart, who plays musical chairs with Ty on drums and guitar. This is one serious cast of talent, a super group that took the stage with an energy that left you in a state of awe.

Frontman Chris Shaw changed personas as soon as that distorted bass dropped, almost like he was being controlled by the effects, squeals, and the killer guitar solos. They gave the crowd what they wanted: an insane show, with some hardcore rock executed the highest level.

GØGGS have revamped a new heavy rock sound that never slows down, buy their new record Pre Strike Sweep out Sept 28th!

Photos and review by: Nicholas Regalado