Glass Spells delivers a punky, funky nu-disco sound and has been compared to acts like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem. They’re playing our next Local Obsession event at U-31 on May 21st. RSVP here and check out their top 5 Playlist!




  1. The Faint – Evil Voices

Before I knew who they were someone told me we sound like them. Years later they used the same effect we used for our video. They are Awesome!

  1. Phantogram – When I’m Small

Blew my mind.

  1. Cut Copy – We Are Explorers

Killed it at HOB San Diego.

  1. The Germs – the other newest one

Your acting crazy just like I knew you would.

  1. Broken Bells – After the Disco

Just discovered these guys. Now on Repeat.

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