Photos By: Rachel Frank

By: Eileen Doñiego de France 

I knew two songs. But that’s the best way to discover music anyway, isn’t it? Have no expectations. Do a little research and jam out to what you can. I certainly didn’t know what to expect from the show (much less the crowd that I normally don’t hang out with, but would probably be friends with on an individual basis… would it be rude of me to ask you to brew some beer for me? OK, NM).

Dan Croll has that festival indie blend many of us know and love: a little folk pop mixed with electronic beats. Sweet, dancey and infectious, you can’t help but smile and join in on the fun. And that’s what Dan Croll’s show was like at the Casbah on Saturday night – pure fun. There was no separation between band and crowd, everyone was smiling ear to ear and singing along. Even the opening band, Panama Wedding, hopped up on stage to dance and sing – and crowd surf! Would you believe it no one got kicked out after that? OK so it was the last song… but still! You can’t hate on the fun, you can’t.