Bare skinned bodies waved parasails and sent their best looks towards the DJ booths, but the true romance at last weekend’s CRSSD was between Waterfront Park and the festival itself.

Forget the bumpy start and damage done in their first go-round or those still-getting-to-know-each-other logistic quarrels in 2016. In its sixth installment, CRSSD festival makes it clear that not only is it the Waterfront’s most popular suitor, it’s the parks soulmate.

The grass on that city plot now grows green in anticipation of a thousand dance steps. You can see the buildings blush and the foundations pour with excitement as bare feet frolic. As the park and festival move in for their biannual embrace the sun begins to chirp, the birds begin to shine, and oh boy does that water get wet.

It’s the kool-aid blend of highly danceable music and laidback vibes that make for an unbeatable combination and an understanding that, at this point, you just can’t have one without the other.


The gates of Eden opened Saturday to short lines and smooth transitions everywhere from set changes to beer tents. Highlights included Breakbot; MO, who performed popular sing-along, “Don’t Leave.” I was told Emancipator and Destructo were also acts I should not have missed.

Personally, watching The Brothers Malkovich close out The Palms stage put a bigger hop in my step than the powdered water being passed around.

Sunday brought out acts like SOHN, who supplied a nice pace for the crowd to get their land legs back from the day before. BIG WILD filled in for an injured FKJ and became my favorite pre-sundown dance party of the weekend. Black Madonna was highly anticipated and did not disappoint as she moved the afternoon to night.

And there were, of course, many others. Like every CRSSD, great acts are booked at a perfect venue and the park fills with half-naked millennials. Who would have ever thought that would be such a recipe for success?

The crown jewel was a performance from the group responsible for lighting the fuse of this love affair at the first CRSSD back in the Spring of 2015. Chromeo electrified the night with their soundtrack of funk-driven romance.


Standing in front of the county administration building, neon lights draped down its walls, one can hear the sounds of two stages panning from one ear to the next. Different acts, different beats, and one melody to a perfect night.

Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s something in that water… Whatever the ingredients, one thing is obvious: Waterfront Park and CRSSD were made for each other.

Review by: Corey McComb
Photos by: Josh Claros